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Don't fight the feeling relax
Oh child the knots are in your back
'Cause you've been holding on
I can only feel you when you're reaching out
I'll talk you through memories
Just keep breathing with me
It's time to hold my hand
And walk into the revolution

When there's no-one to touch
And you've been thinking too much
You only hurt yourself when it's all about
About retribution
I see the pain in your face
And you're paying rent for the space
It's time to lead you on come on into the revolution

When you can't keep on keeping on
And everything you lean upon is all but gone
Everybody falls sometimes but love shines on

With love in your eyes and a flame in your heart
Gonna find yourself some resolution
A million miles with one step
And you'll find yourself yet
When you're walking with the revolution

Love lingers on you're just feeling it wrong
I know you're tired but when it's time to sleep
You're gone forever
Make friends with your past
Then you can leave it at last
It's time to find yourself in your revolution

When you can't keep on keeping on
And everything you lean upon is all but gone
Everybody hurts sometimes but love shines on

Time and tide's on your side
There's no need to hide
I feel your pain
Don't talk to me about evolution
A million miles with one stare
And you'll find yourself there
When I'm walking with the revolution
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Ověřeno yes
Autorská práva ©BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group
SpisovatelGuy Chambers, Robert Williams
texty licencoványLyricFind
Naposledy aktualizovánoMarch 8th, 2022

Album Podrobnosti

Robbie Williams - Escapology [2002]
Escapology / track 7
Robbie Williams
4.9 / 5 (22)


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