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If I don't say what you want to hear
If I don't dress in what you want me to wear
If I don't think the way you do
I can't help it 'cause that's my truth

If my humour makes you bored
If my religion isn't yours
If my maturity doesn't fit my youth
I can't help it 'cause that's my truth

See, the truth often hurts
But if it's honest it's always worth it
Can't deny that I'm subjective
But no truth can be objective
Even though it's universal
It's always individual
My truth, your truth, his truth, her truth
It doesn't matter as long as it's true

If my culture is something you don't know
It's unfamiliar and it's uncomfortable
I suggest you get to know my roots
Before you judge me 'cause that's my truth

If your opinion is different from mine
If where I say go is where you draw the line
Even if I may not agree
I will accept 'cause it's your truth and it sets you free

[Chorus (x1)]

Don't you loose your truth, for whatever it's worth
Don't you try to compromise with your own life

[Chorus (x2)]

[Chorus fade out]
song info:
Ověřeno yes
Autorská práva ©BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group
SpisovatelCherno Bassi Leon Jah, Rickie Kenneth Fambro, Robin Miriam Carlsson
texty licencoványLyricFind
PřidalNovember 6th, 2010
Naposledy aktualizovánoMarch 6th, 2022

Album Podrobnosti

Robyn - My Truth [1999]
My Truth / track 5
5.0 / 5 (1)


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