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The Katies

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Powerkiss cover
And her watermelon smiles in her sunshine dress
With the sticky feet patter and a powerkiss
On a window in the morning it was cool breeze & Christmas
Like a shock trip stall in the super hero ball
With the wishy wish eyes and the flowers on the wall
It's a grand thing, a memory
It's the magic in her eyes when she's killing me

And you, you said it all with your smile
You coaxed me on with your whiles

And you wakeup in the corner with a grinny grin grin
And a super love friend my eyeliner teaser
And how do I do I do I need you
They all know it's true

You quote another wink while I'm tripping in the sink
With a quick give a drink as I'm gathered on the brink
Of a phone call, the after all
The waiting on the master in the last stall

I'm fine anway your love and my play
So can anybody tell me why I should sing
A watermelon love song
A watermelon love song

You touch it on the lips with a quick slip kiss
And the tragic come unzipped as you shoot it from
The hip of a happy song, a symphony
A seven story drop of gravity
This song was submitted on February 13th, 2007 and last modified on March 7th, 2022
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Album Podrobnosti


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