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"Built For This" Sangtekst


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Built For This cover
It's about to be the death of Slim Shady
A little over two years he still can't face me
That shit you put up in the D was a slick move
You shoulda got Dave, cause now I'm gonna get you
And I aint even press up on you like I should
Double up on your security wish your N***** would
Try to run up to the station
And I'll be waitin here with fully automatic max one anilhilations
Gotta fuckin nerve takin me to trial
For copyright infringement, you said it was a freestyle
And you lied about your age, you was 21
Never ever make a move with an empty gun
I go to war, never fold
Snipe you on the 50 yard line why you talkin this way
Or why you walkin with Dre
It don't matter
Catch you at a show, you aint built for battle

It was me that made you stop doing shows in the States
It was me that made the call to put Pauly on the tape
It was me that made your uncle put the burner to his face
(You can run but you can't hide, I'll find ya)
It was me that got your boy Proof served in Miami
It was me that struck a nerve when I said "fuck Haley"
It was me to finally put an end to Slim Shady
(You crossed the wrong mutha fu**er now you're paranoid)

Your mom told me on the celly, coward you a light weight
Steve Stell can never front cause he the same way
Your whole circle's just a bunch of little bitches
Tap dancing n*****s and weight lifting snitches
And I know I didn't hear you say you held good at rap
You're above it, sitting like a kid in Kimmy's lap
Mackavelli rollin over in his grave
Fuckin up his music, the beats don't play
And where's your girl Kim, I need to get my dick sucked
Heard she like coke, she wanna get her face fucked
But I aint freakin with no trailer park trash
I'll leave that shit to you Marshall Mathers (outcast)
Plus, what's the use in havin paper if you hide it
I can see the Source awards, but missin at the Vibe in?
How can you call yourself the number one rapper
XXL showin love to a cracker


Heard up on the radio you said you wanna squash beef
It's kinda funny, to me this shit was never beef
In Puerto Rico with the burners in hand
Ran up on Green Lantern, he almost shit in his pants (damn)
Raise the white flag, I'm chargin up the hill
'Nail in the coffin' I'm impossible to kill
I'm your worst nightmare, the reaper in the flesh
It's a fight to the finish, a battle to the death
Dressin like a woman just to sell a few copies (damn)
Disrespectin Mike? man you gettin sloppy
Your album is atrocious shouldn't skin double
Fuckin D12 cause their career's in trouble
Angie needs to get your nuts up out her mouth
Enoughs a dick rider, I'll air these n*****s out
And any one else that try to hold ya
Cause in our reality you're the only toy soldier

Chorus x2 and fade
This song was submitted on February 11th, 2005 and last modified on March 7th, 2022
Lyrics licensed by LyricFind.

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