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"Face On The Cutting Room Floor" Sangtekst

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She is history
No one will give her a star on the walk
She'd have a hundred if pillows could talk
Where have I seen her before?
Well, she's the face on the cutting room floor

Life's no mystery
Acting in school at the tenderest age
Lit up the room when she walked on the stage
Came to L.A. for some more
Little face on the cutting room floor
She had visions of contracts
And thousands of people in line. . . to see her
Knockin' on door after door after all of this time
She's not sure

Up in Hollywood
Signed with an agent she met in a bar
Laughed when he told her he'd make her a star
Where had she heard that before?
Little face on the cutting room floor

And then, one night he told her she'd never get anywhere
In her clothes
He says, 'That's what it takes to play movieland musical chairs'
So now she knows

Goodbye Hollywood
Leavin' tonight on the 2:30 'Hound
Sunrise on Sunset she won't be around
I guess that settles the score
And they'll replace her with two or three more
She's the face on the cutting room floor
She's the face on, face on the cutting room floor

Goodbye, Hollywood, Goodbye
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TilsatSeptember 20th, 2022
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