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Members of LetsSingIt started the initiative to send each other a (real) postcard. The postcard travels around the world and each person writes something on the card. Curious about the cards and what people wrote in them? Find them here.

Postcard I - 2009/2010

LetsSingIt Postcard 2 First edition of the LetsSingIt postcard. The idea was born in the thread "the postcard thread". Read in the thread "real life lsi postcard" the conversation about the preparations. More in this thread, the tracking of the postcard while traveling around the world. Read in the thread "the lsi postcard" the final words when the card has reached its final destination.

Postcard II - 2014/2015

LetsSingIt Postcard 3 Second edition of the LetsSingIt postcard. In the thread "letssingit postcard 3" you can read about the preparations for getting the postcard ready for its journey around the globe. Notice that this card is numbered as "3", because card number two got lost in the mail.