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AboutThis four-piece band from New York play thrash mixed with hardcore punk, kind of like the old crossover bands from the '80s, doesn't add in any of the modern metalcore that makes things get mired down with breakdowns and tough guy vocals. These guys really give you that old school vibe that will get you out on your skateboard and thrashing around hard with the slick, but tight, sound on this debut.

Song after song of hard-hitting beats, thick bass, shouted vocals and riff after riff mixed with slamming solos that don't go on for too long make this one a veritable old school classic that never was. Featuring brand new material as well as re-workings of their earlier demo material, these guys throw down an album with mosh parts that will get the pits raging and still has enough melody to be catchy as hell. They aren't trying to be technical virtuosos on here; they are slamming the beats hard and fast and do a fantastic job of making this sound fresh and exciting. The reprise of "Saviour" is the closest they get to show their technical skills with a nice acoustic interlude on the album that shows they can play more than just straight out hard and fast, and let the pretty side of their music shine, and then we jump right back into the heavy stuff again. They actually show their ability to play almost straight up metal on the track "Interlope" that mixes it with thrash to give us a cool track that reminds me of the kind of stuff Anthrax used to do on their albums.

Track after track of the kind of stuff that will take you back to the good old days of the mid '80s that begs to be played on repeat. With the thundering drumming and the intense guitar playing having a huge effect on the feel of this album, you will be getting your air band instruments out to try and copy them. (From Interview by Rick Ecker)

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DJ Activator - Old School

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