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When I was a lad in a fishing town, an old man said to me,you can
spend your life, your jolly life, just sailing on the sea,
you can search the world for pretty girls, till your eyes are weak and
dim, but don't go swimming with a mermaid, son, if you don't
know how to swim.

Cause her hair is green as seaweed and her skin is blue and
pale, and I'll tell you now before you start, you can love that
girl with all your heart, but you're just gonna love the upper
part, you're not gonna like the tail.

So I signed on with a whaling ship, and my very first day at sea, I
seen a mermaid in the waves a reaching out to me, come live
with me in the sea said she, and down on the ocean floor, I'll show
you a million wondrous things, you've never seen before.

So over I jumped and she pulled me down, down to her seaweed bed,
and a pillow made of tortoise shell she placed beneath my
head, she fed me shrimps and caviar, upon a silver dish, from
her head to her waist she was just my taste, but the rest of her
was a fish.

Her Fhair was green as Cseaweed and her Fskin was blue and Cpale,
and her Fface it was a Cwork of art,and I Floved that girl with Call
my heart, but I Fonly liked the Cupper part, I G7did not like the

CAnd then one day she swam away, and I Fsang to the clams and Cwhales,
how I Fmissed her fins and her Cseaweed hair, and the D7silvery shine
of her G7scales, but Cthen her sister, she swam by and Fset my heart a
Cwhirl, cause her Fupper part was an Cugly fish, but the G7bottom
part was a Cgirl.

Her toes are pink and rosy, and her knees are smooth and
pale, and her legs they are a working part, and I love that
girl with all my heart, and I don't give a damn about the upper
part, and that's how I end my tail.
song info:
Επαληθεύτηκε yes
Πνευματική ιδιοκτησία ©
ΣυγγραφέαςJ Friedman, Shel Silverstein
Lyrics licensed byLyricFind
ΠροστέθηκεJuly 6th, 2022
Τελευταία ενημέρωσηJuly 6th, 2022

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