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"30 Min. Til Work" Lyrics


30 minutes til work
Im still gon smirk
Sperm donor gave me somethin wit worth
But fuck it I ran wit luck quick
Smart straight to rustic
Rap so I could bust it
Focused on my fuckstick
Dont know which ones what
My mouth open then it shuts
Sound bound and Im nuts
Down town eye eye sluts
And like a pirate they got attitude
But so does every single girl up on my avenue
My verse upright stands tall wit good posture
And Im a rasta
Baked like good pasta
High class lobster
Rhyme Word mobster
Times herb monster
Pete rock contra
Eatin my lasagna
Keep room for my cake
Tryd to hop a gate
Cut my hand for heavens sake
Drama leave me when I wake
I need a brake
Schools borin im late
Scores is lowerin peace late
Feels like this is the state
Like Californias great
Rubbin tectonic plates
Havin fun like every date
Im not worried bout my weight/wait
Its all fate soon I'll penetrate the safe wit a suit and a briefcase
Fuck. Im just rappin paintin pictures in my mental
Gon repeat the instrumental till it comes out sweet and simple
I have a ball seein other niggas crawl
While they trippin cuz im small don't look like I rap at all
Still I wish I was a cat hunt rats kick back cat naps up in a lap
Got a fat world map down to travel round that then im bound to get back create sounds make tracks
Like sickness stay back disease written
Hes spittin lyrics thatll slowly show that he's winnin please women
Plus type energy happy on the side
Me and my homies got pride reside on the westside
Got no swag no I dont need it
So dont conceive it
If I told you I was half black you prolly wouldn't believe it
Love to get stoned turnin pebbles into rocks
Black eye on this black guy now I needa doc
Wassap, I heard the new stuff is harder then the last, See im slowly learnin life and how im not a half ass
This half black half iranian common homosapien
Why do all these niggas look at me like im an alien?
Dad he gave me smile make me feel like I am radiant
Shout out higher god gettin rid of all my shady friends...
Ima keep rappin keep rappin till im 80 then
Shout out katy perry bitch i wish you was my lady friend...

Trademarked by enyukay 2013
This song was submitted on September 27th, 2015.
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