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Letra de "The Return"


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The Return cover
Here I am back from the big dream
without messages of hope
as usual I bring back the fruits
forgotten in the lives gone by
lived in few moments
difficult even to remember
to every memory a hope is bound
shattering when recalled
to every hope many lives are bound
some ending up without hope
to every life an essence is bound
fed by the fire of life
to every fire is destined a spring
Which dies while quenching the fire

Oh reality, which within a hair from madness
Dance in spite of time dying
Take it far away from your facade
And give everything you have
To the man you have always been
And still would like to be
It's a strange light, almost a magical one
Which carried in the dark
Becomes as important as the wing beating of wounded swallow
I find myself here again with the
same plucked daisies
Looking through the window of time
From here I don't feel cold, don't hear any noise
But I can't even smell the perfume of joy

it is night but there're people watching people
the dark is black and they all seem blind
trampling on themselves, killing one another
they all seem similar, but they are not
they all have a different living space
they all defend this space fighting
I don't know what really is, I don't know

I have recognized many of them
it's the space of shame and faults
it's the space of misplaced dreams
it's the space of dreams coming true
it's the space where the bar starts with G
and suddenly the solo begins in a sound
becomes familiar as if known for many years

Like an old king born at the end of January
I suffer from lack warmth
I feel the coldness of indifference
I listen to the peculiar in my breathing
and smile as I was told
turning myself into a distant icon
I face this awakening as a new challenge
live today as if it was tomorrow
this makes me think a lot to yesterday
and yesterday was
only a dream
This song was submitted on April 3rd, 2012 and last modified on March 7th, 2022
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