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Letra de "Misery"

Jillian Wheeler

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Misery cover
In September will you remember me?
When my loving misery comes back to me
Will you be there for me?
Velvet lips eyes that melt the sun
Under his spell my mind has come undone
I feel like I'm on the run

Torn between my heart and my fantasy
My misery is taking control of me
He has taken my loneliness
My fear my love my mind my misery
He will come back to me

Tell me who did this thing to you
Who makes you do the things you do?
Who made you so cold so young
We used to laugh until the tears came down
An now we barely even talk
We just spinnin round and round

Do you remember the day that you said you loved me?
Under the moonlight
You said you would set me free
Free from my misery

Now it's time come on we gotta go
Take my hand he's never going to let me go
He says that he loves me so
This song was last modified on March 5th, 2022
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