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Letra de "Cold Dark Waters"

Porter Wagoner

Lista De Reproducción
5.0 / 5 (1)
Cold Dark Waters cover
(Don Owens)

In tomorrow's newspaper you'll read about me
But they won't tell the story I know
For they'll only say he plunged yesterday
To the cold dark waters below.

I guess it all started the day we first met
You promised that you'd love me so
And I never thought it would end in regret
In the cold dark waters below.

--- Instrumental ---

In a moment I'll ride on the drift of the tide
And I hope your conscience hurts so
All the tears that I've cried will be easy to hide
In the cold dark waters below.

Now I hear them running to try and stop me
They're shouting, oh, don't let him go
But it's far too late and I'll soon meet my fate
In the cold dark waters below.

In the cold dark waters below...
This song was submitted on July 31st, 2009 and last modified on March 5th, 2022
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