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Letra de "All Around The World"

Talent Couture

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All Around The World cover
(feat Gerald Walker)

make the game play gang uh uh
all around the world
uh yeah, it's the paper playin game thing
hey hey
it's the paper playin game thing
me uh

every where i go i got a pocket full of burbs
back full of money in a bottle full of shirt
know i put the work so i'm always on the dope
ridin plenty flows in the memo foe alone
cleanin up some now all the fly females she..with the smile
achieving the..everybody vails
but it's all how we take the vow bro
me i found stack but i learn from my losses
work till i'm hurt that's the ..
never seat around and just drown in my sorrows
god yeah boys we should do it with tomorrows
you grown man but want a ..body
..several get money
we run around the globe with the ..full of hoes
what we have is..though though

all around the world, go!

mama told work and never rush it
now i'm on a level this niggas can't touch
shame nigga in the mirror nobody will f*ck
when they all came they all got the cuff in
like man i think you dope, man i swear you give ma hope
we should all do something
this nigga side..they ain't help it nigga
i will not try to stay flow me a .. on the boat
chillin i'm increasing the polo shit
took movie a hoes started..
to think about my plan how follow
but not because we gave a word and..dollar shit
not not think in my profit shit
i thank ghetto boy i'm on my profit shit
and i never took ..
holly nigga like me on keep down
something like love nigga..sign
hoes on the nuts we gotta go..
so shawty for.. so
suport the.. i think i got enormous time
..Puerto Rico ha
and nigga getting reckless ..for my lanes
but i'm aint got respect for..
i'm just tryin get the..
no tell em

all around the world, go!
This song was submitted on July 31st, 2012 and last modified on March 7th, 2022
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