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Eyesburn was formed 1994., and the original line up was: Coyot - guitar & back vocals, Laza-bass, Alek-drums and Nenad-vocals. Since the band originated from the BG HC scene, the first album (MC) was recorded live at BG club KST. After the cassette went public(at least underground), as well as before that, Eyesburn played mostly in Belgrade clubs, occasionally having a gig or two elsewhere in Serbia. During that period, second guitar player Gillespie joined the band and they all started to work on band's first studio album "Dog Life" (CD/MC). Unfortunatelly, vocalist Nenad left the band just weeks before studio, and Coyot took his place as a lead singer, continuing to expand his enormous musical talents and skills. After the album release, Gillespie also left the band, and band continued to play as a trio. At the same time, Coyot starts to take active role as a trombone player as well, and the band started musical exploration of other genres (reggae, dub, drum & bass,) making its own specific mixture of styles, and creating their own unique sound which many people liked immediately. All that lead to expanding the line up again and Nino joined the band as a second guitar player which
added more colour and filled the sound that they allready had. Soon after, Eyesburn
recorded their (still) most popular & listened album titled "Fool Control"(CD/MC) wich
showed the band's abillity to grow and opened doors for many opportunities in music
bussiness.Band line-up since than has been:
Alek - drums
Laza - bass
Nino - guitar
Coyot - guitar, vocal, trombone
As a confirmation of their growing popularity they received an invitation for the preelection tours "IT'S TIME" and "USE IT"(your brain) to bring Milosevich's political system down, wich they gladly accepted. This tour made it possible for Eyesburn to promote themselves around the country playing in towns they never played before.
Recording soundtrack for the most popular youth film "Munje", band introduced himself to a wider population. They have played over 400 concerts since than, mostly in Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Slovenia, which proved the fact that this is one of the most active bands on sceene in Yougoslavia. During 2001&2002 Eyesburn participated in EXIT festival in Novi Sad where they performed along with Tony Allen , Asian Dub Foundation and Fundamental. They also performed as guests for big Belgrade concert of Lee Scratch Perry, (together with Ank Steady Spear),Burnin' Spear, and bands like Pro Pain, Disciplin' A Kitchme etc...
Band's enonormous activity&energy they never seem to loose, result with the new project "Gabau" (CD/MC) wich represents specific turnover to reggae sound and continues with another project "Cool Fire"(CD/MC) wich is special because they worked with Ank Steady Spear (dub poet ) who wrote lyrics and performed them.
Next album "Solid" in Serbia, May 2003. on B-92. label, was instantly accepted by fans&critics as their best album so far,showing that the band has matured in their specific sound and songwriting,returning to their HC\metal roots,but still adding new colors and textures to them.All that led to a invitation from Max Cavalera to do one song for the Soulfly album "Prophecy",(Moses),and to play on the 2004 Prophecy Europe Tour.
Also, Coyote apears on the new Soulfly album "Dark Ages". Year 2005. Eyesburn was on tour in Serbia and later in other countries (Bosnia, Slovenia, Austria, Bulgaria... for example Harter festival,and as guests of Soulfly on their tour with Black Sabbath).

In March 2005. comes to changes in the band: Laza (bass) and Nino (guitar) are leaving the band. That suprised fans and critics. Now Eyesburn are: Coyote (vocal, trombone, guitar), Zoran Djuroski Djura (who "gave up" on guitar and became a sound manager), Alek (drums), with new members: Dule(saxofon, ex Dvojac Bez Kormilara), Vucko (bass, ex Del Arno Band), Vukasin (trombone and back-up singer, Smoke'n'Soul – he performed earlier as Eyesburn guest) and Utvar (Partibejkers' new drummer).
Changes in band have influenced on their music. Coyote had to reinforce the guitar, and saxofon and trombone are more common in songs. Sound is more complete, mature, and lyrics still carry the same message and energy which you can best feel on their performances, 'cos, Eyesburn is one of those bands who "live" to play for fans and on that concerts they sound great. Beside all of the energy you can feel on the concerts, one of the characteristic of Eyesburn is thing which some bands are forgetting: love to their fans. It's not unussual to see band members talking with fans and that relatonship is the most intensive when show starts: both, the band and fans are one!

In April 2005. they started recording new album in Novi Sad studio "M" and studio "Cameleon" in Zemun. In December the same year they have published their (for now) last album "How Much For Freedom?" (CD/MC) for PGP RTS. Album is published in Serbia and Austria. Comments of this album you can see on this site's forum.

In the end it would be good to say that Eyesburn is activly cooperating with many home and foreign performers, especially with demo bands with aim to improove our sceene. Coyote appears as guest to Juice (hip–hop), Shappa (reggae) and some other bands. Eyesburn is still proving themselves in the world...

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