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"(For A While) We Helped Each Other Out" Lyriikka

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jae 1
Remember when I saw you standing slightly cryin' empty-handed
With no one that you could call your own
Looking up to someone somewhere asking for life with no despair
Begging for the world to leave you alone

jae 2
Yes I shouldn't have butted in but you looked as if you could use a friend
And I'd lost one myself and was looking about
Remember it was kinda crazy I held my hand out you took it baby
For a while we helped each other out

jae 3
Remember how I dried every tear that you cried
And gave you love to trust beyond a doubt
And whenever I was down you made me laugh brought me around
Yeah for a while we helped each other out

jae 4
And early one day in the morning sun that time came we knew would come
And in our hearts well there was love no more
I guess we're just two of that kind that look for life but never find
The love in mind that we were looking for

jae 5
But I always have the warm spot for you 'coz at one time I adored you
And if I pass this way again I'll shout
May be years 'fore I come through but when I do I'll call on you
'Coz at one time we helped each other out

At one time we helped each other out
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LisättyäJuly 5th, 2022
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AboutWriter(s): Bobby Russell

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