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"Random Thoughts" Lyriikka

Mike Champoux

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Random Thoughts cover
To heaven goes me but I'll need some better flows
To episodes between me and my girl and I can't let 'em go
But believe me there are better roads to travel on
To Babylon, where have we gone, where have we not
Am I supply
I sit alone in my room in the moment the music I'm zoning
And everything else was an afterthought
Matter fact, what happened to rap
Jesus was needed to be a genius to put the pieces between us
Going as hard as my penis and right now it's not
To the mountain top with no hesitation
It's our destination it's a celebration
The Oh-wee's say whoopee
Dude say shit to me but instead we're baking cookies
It's a celebration, rookie
My girl gave me nookie
Dude say shit to me but instead we're baking cookies
It's a
My mind is racing it's a nice occasion
I light a jay and some time slows I feel amazing
Like what is real and what is fake
There's no filter on the bullshit
And nothing's clear as day
scratch that
Backpack, back cap, been up on the Ave rat
Then I took a cab back cuz wife says she had that
As time goes by
Ain't been around the world yet but I'm gonna try
I probably go, probably go, hits like a body blow
Rhyming is living deeply within 'em like some type of venom
Life sentence, when I write suspense it's my tense
And fuck it if I ride the fence, it's my fence
Uh, well that's life I guess
I dissect any and every event
We see tears and sweat and intellect
This song was submitted on March 9th, 2014 and last modified on March 6th, 2022
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