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Paroles de "Saving Grace"

Chanté Moore

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Saving Grace cover
Let me talk to you, ooh
Can I keep it real right now?

The end, opened me up again to begin
Never to say never, is my friend
Used to think the pain was for nothin (and)
I, see I have to earn the lesson learned
Never know the peace of being without you, and back to me (Oh)
I'm glad I set you free,

Oh saving grace
I never thought I'd ever call you saving grace
There was once a time, I couldn't even see your face
Oh, but now I thank you
Oh saving grace

If you never broke my heart, it would not mend
I wouldn't be right here being loved by my best friend
Oh, my saving grace

Time and time again, you done me wrong
But I wouldn't be able to write this song
Cause tears has drowned me
Washed away (everything), washed away (everything)
Put in my past, cause that'll never last (that'll never last)
Now I see the way he looks at me, it's not just empty
Reflecting back at me, oh love
So much sweeter, nothing bitter, sweet, sweet, saving grace
Don't have to see your face, no

I didn't know the song, then there's my name
Till he came, save away the pain, oh
He calls me his, saving grace

Oh saving grace
This song was submitted on February 22nd, 2022 and last modified on March 8th, 2022
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Writer(s): Chante Moore, Lundon Adkins, Ronnie Jackson


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