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"Never Satisfied" Lyrics

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[Intro: Future]
​No matter what you do, it's never enough
​I don't understand these bitches, Drizzy
​Trying though, they ain't never satisfied

​[Hook: Drake]
​Time after time after time
​Money's all I get and there's still money on my mind
​But I ain't never satisfied
Yeah, I ain't never satisfied
​I found the one and say, "I'll never cheat again"
​We don't talk for like some months
I ended up fucking with her friend
I ain't never satisfied
I ain't never satisfied

[Bridge: Drake]
I'm putting pressure on these niggas and I know
But I still be on the road like I'm scared of going broke
Cause I ain't never satisfied
I ain't never satisfied

[Verse: Future]
And it's a lot of money in the room
I gotta find another spot, hiding soon
I mix the rosé with the purple juice
I hustle everyday and you don't have a clue
After you get money and all your dreams come true
It's like everything that surround you get brand new
I can't never forget the struggle and I pay dues
Can't let the money and fame come between my crew
My pain still runnin' deeper than the ocean
Ordered up 10,000 ones and I throw it
Name a bag in the store that she ain't got
Name a designer store that we ain't shop
They ain't never satisfied

song info:
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Copyright ©Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/atv Music Publishing, Warner Chappell Music
WriterMatthew Samuels, Anderson Hernandez, Aubrey Graham, Allen Ritter, Mike Will, Nayvadius Wilburn, Pierre Slaughter
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AddedApril 25th, 2014
Last updatedMarch 5th, 2022

Album Details

Future - Honest [2014]
Honest / track 7
5.0 / 5 (1)


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