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Gavin Rossdale

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The vocalist/guitarist was born in London, England on October 30, 1967. Gavin grew up in Kilburn, a north west section of London. His father is a doctor (general physician) whilst his mother is/was a model. Not too shabby right. His parents divorced when he was twelve and he mainly grew up with his father. Oddly enough, Gavin was mute as a child, and it wasn't until he was 4 years old that he said his first word, "Cookie." (Before that, his sister Soraya did all of the talking for him). At the age of 8 he spent almost the entire year in and out of hospitals (due to chronic ear problems) but recovered by age 9.

Later on, in his late teens,Gavin started singing and he put together a band called Midnight(originally called The Heroes). They played some gigs in London and even got a chance to open for such English acts like Big Country. Midnight was on the rise and the boys landed themselves a record deal. Unfortunately the group wasn't highly successful, they only released a few singles and proved in be more popular in Spain, for some odd reason. Midnight split, but Gavin & Sacha continued on in The Little Dukes. Once again it didn't work out. Frustrated,Rossdale decided to tread a new route by teaching himself to play the guitar.

His next band would yield the success that he was looking, even more than he would dream of. (Well after a quick name change anyhow.) From Future Primitive to Bush, the road was a short one. It only took him three years after first forming the band to gain popularity.

The road to fame may have been a short one, but the road out from under Nirvana's shadow has been a long one. Gavin's early Bush career was a struggle to stay sane with the barage of Nirvanawannabe comments and trying to keep hold of his long time girlfriend Jasmine Lewis. But he handled in the best Gavin Rossdale way he could, always being cool and collective and not succuming to the harsh reality of things.

Onward on upward, for the most part, Bush was able to shake the Nirvana connection after releasing their second album. And by this time Gavin also picked up a new sidekick, Gwen Stefani. Ahhhh, don't they make such a lovely couple. Well, they're still at it and they plan on staying that way for forever. The two had duel weddings in September 2002.. wait they actually had three weddings.

Gavin in the meantime... Soon after the Golden State Tour wrapped up Gavin released his first single as a solo artist for the 'XXX' soundtrack. Gavin co-wrote the track 'Adrenaline' with Glen Ballard.

In early 2003 Gavin performanced with Camp Freddy in New York City, accompanying him would once again be Chris Traynor (Nigel's somewhat temporary replacement). 2003 was a busy year for Gavin, but not creating Bush music. He made an appearance with 'The Blue Man Group' on the track, 'The Current'. During 2003 Gavin also extended his talents into acting. His first venture (which was later scrapped) would be the 'Redlight Runners'. The film didn't get enough backing to get off the ground. Filming for 'The Games of Their Lives', 'Little Black Book' & 'Constantine' would soon follow. Also, Gavin would begin writing and recording 14 possible tracks for his next venture. Not with Bush though, but rather his new group 'Institute'.Co-produced by Gavin & Page Hamilton (of Helmet). Ex-Bush fill in Chris Traynor would also become part 'Institute'. Their new album was released in September '05 by Interscope and is titled 'Distort Yourself'.

Currently Gavin is in the studio working on his solo album, release date yet to be announced. In the meantime, 'Can't Stop The World', a new Gavin track is being showcased as the theme song for the tv series 'Drive', on Fox.

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