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Hannah Montana: The Movie [2009] (movie)

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AboutHannah Montana: The Movie was the first and only movie based on the Hannah Montana franchise. It was released on April 10, 2009, in theatres. Miley Cyrus filmed the movie a year prior while filming the third season of HM.

The movie's plot-line strayed away from Hannah Montana [2006] (tv show) and focuses on Miley Stewart returning to her hometown of Tennesse, as part of Robby Ray's plan to bring her back to her roots after 'Hannah' develops a big ego living life in the tabloids, selling out concerts as a famous teen pop star.

Miley reconnects with her childhood cowboy friend named Travis Brody (played by Lucas Till) who she becomes romantically linked with as she rediscovers her love of humble beginnings. And being with the ones who love her as her true self before her rise to fame.

Country artists Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift make cameos in the movie and are included on the movie's soundtrack. Swift actually co-wrote two tracks - You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home (the finale song) and Crazier, the song which she performed in the fundraiser concert scene.

Miley's only songwriting credit on soundtrack was for Don't Walk Away.

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Hannah Montana: The Movie [2009] (movie)Hannah Montana: The Movie [2009] (movie)Hannah Montana: The Movie [2009] (movie)Hannah Montana: The Movie [2009] (movie)Hannah Montana: The Movie [2009] (movie)Hannah Montana: The Movie [2009] (movie)Hannah Montana: The Movie [2009] (movie)Hannah Montana: The Movie [2009] (movie)Hannah Montana: The Movie [2009] (movie)

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