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Members of LSI are able to communicate with each other through a private messenger system.

Sending messages

To send a message to a member, go to that member's profile and click the "Message" button.

Receiving messages

If you receive a message, you will receive a yellow notification in the upper right. Hover over it to click on the Inbox link and read it.

Export messages

There is an option to move messages to your own computer so you have a record of them. To do this, select a messages folder and click the "folder options" drop-down box. Then, click "Download messages (.txt format)", and a prompt will come up asking for a location to download the messages.

Search messages

To search your messages for a word, phrase, etc., use the main search bar at the top of the site. Expand the search options and select the "messages" option, then type what you want to search for.

Manage folders

You can use folders to organize your messages. You can add and remove folders on your Messages page. On the "folder options" drop-down box, there are respective buttons to add, delete, rename, or empty folders. There is also an option to move messages to a different folder, so you can organize your messages to your liking.


The quota depends on your VIP-level. The rightmost button at the top of the Messages page, "usage", shows your VIP level, the amount of PMs you have, and the percentage you have filled. If you are an Elite member, this percentage will always stay at 0%, but otherwise, you must be wary of the percentage and make sure it doesn't get too high. When your mailbox is full, delete messages first before you can send and receive new messages.

Email alerts

In your account settings you can set the option to receive an notification by email when you received a new message through the LSI messenger system.


Although the LetsSingIt security system scans messages for spam, always stay suspicious if you receive a message from an unknown sender. If asked, never give your email address, personal details or anything else unless you're 100% sure the sender can be trusted. If you suspect you're dealing with spam, follow the button "report spam" to alert the webmaster.
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