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LetsSingIt is a large site with many members from many different countries with many different cultures. If you communicate with other members, you'll notice that this gives many different opinions, interpretations, and ideas. Especially in the forum, where several discussions may be going on about "heavy" subjects (e.g. religion) and you might read things that you do not agree with. To keep the atmosphere relaxed, keep the following in mind:


1. Don't discriminate

Discriminating generally means ignoring or treating others differently because of whom or what they are. This could be in terms of where they are from / their race (more commonly known as racism) or maybe even how long they have been a member of LetsSingIt or are active in the forum. Try to be open-minded and tolerate everyone.

2. Don't insult

This can be through discrimination (as explained above) through the language you use towards them or just by being rude. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, but just think about how controversial yours may be to some people! Some people take great offense from small comments, so think before you post.

3. Don't use rude language

The rule is; don't swear! People sometimes tend to do this without even realizing it! It is advisable not to swear at all, even censoring words with stars l*ke th*s can be offensive to others. And regardless of whether you think swearing is natural or inoffensive, it is against the rules! So don't do it!

4. Don't be quick to jump to conclusions

When communicating through messages online, you often don't know how things are being said. The message may be sarcastic or a joke. To understand exactly what was said, you not only need to know this person, but also the context in which it was said. Keep that in mind while reading a message and try to understand what the writer wanted to say.

Dealing with offenders

If somebody offends you in a way which breaks the rules, this is the correct way to deal with it:

1) Calm down. You are most vulnerable when you're in a emotional state of mind. When you take action based on a emotional state of mind, then you're a danger to yourself. Give yourself a moment to calm down, then you are able to handle your common sense.

2) Ignore. Real troublemakers start fights to get attention, they want to to fight back. They lack skills to get attention is a friendly way, which is often a reflection from their real lives. So the best remedy is not to give them what they want the most, attention. Totally ignore them and they'll back down quickly.

3) Report. When ignoring doesn't help the situation, you can contact a forum moderator or the webmaster who will look into the situation.

Penalties & Ban level

LSI works with a penalty system. If you don't follow the rules you'll receive a "yellow card" penalty. A penalty represents points. There are different penalties, varying in points. Points decrease with time. This means that you won't get "punished" for something for the rest of your LSI life - after all, mistakes happen. Though, this decrease slows down with time, so points will never fully fade away. Penalties are given if you:

- discriminate other members
- insult other members
- use rude language that others may find offensive
- flood threads with nonsense, smileys, or other spam
- use capital letters inappropriately

Ban Level

Your ban meter will give you an up-to-date report of your penalty points. The points are represented in a percentage from 0 to 100%, your ban level. Your ban level shows 0% when you don't have any penalties. When your ban level reaches 100%, you'll get banned.


Getting banned means that your account will be blocked and you won't be able to log in. A ban is temporary because, as described above, penalty points fall down with time, and so does your ban level. When your ban level drops below 100%, your ban becomes undone and you will be able to access your account again. Note that with this system, a first ban lasts about 2-3 days, while a second ban lasts over 10 days.

Ban level & VIP level

Your ban level has influence on your VIP level. Where your activity increases your VIP level, a ban level decreases it. Your VIP level determines your privileges on LetsSingIt.
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