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On LSI you can become friends with other members. You can share information such as personal information with friends only. You can find your friends on the tab "friends" on your profile. In a similar way, you'll find friends of other members.

Adding friends

To add someone as a friend, go to their profile page, and on the upper left there is a Friends button, with an icon of a person with a plus next to it. Once clicked, a friend invitation will be sent to the member's inbox. If that member accepts your invitation, you'll receive a message. Note that you won't receive a message if your invitation was declined.

Removing friends

To remove a friend, you will use the same button you pressed to add them as a friend. When someone accepts your friend invitation, the Friends button on their profile will change to a yellow button that reads "Friends!". To remove the member as a friend, simply click that yellow button on their profile. The button will turn grey and they will be removed from your friends list.

Invitations overview

Your notifications show your incoming friend invitations. Invitations stay open for 4 weeks. When an invitation is accepted, the invitor will be notified by message. The invitor will not receive a message when the invitation is declined.
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