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Herbie Hancock

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AboutHerbie Hancock
Real Name: Herbert Jeffrey Hancock
Profile: American pianist, keyboardist, composer, band leader.
Born 12 April 1940 in Chicago, Illinois.

Hancock is one of the best known modern jazz composers, creator of "Watermelon Man" (which has been a reference point throughout his career), "Maiden Voyage", "Dolphin Dance", right through to the dance grooves of "Rockit". Hancock also has the distinction of having made the largest-selling jazz record of all time in "Head Hunters".

Sites: herbiehancock.com, Facebook, imdb.com, MySpace, MySpace, npr.org, SoundCloud, Twitter, whosampled.com, Wikipedia, YouTube, YouTube, Bookogs, Filmogs
Aliases: Mwandishi, Ronnie Clark

In Groups:
Artists United Against Apartheid, Artists United For Nature, Bahia Black, Charles Tolliver And His All Stars, Eric Dolphy Quintet, Giants (3), Herbie Hancock Quartet, Herbie Hancock Trio, Joe Henderson Quartet, Pepper Adams Donald Byrd Quintet, The Hank Mobley Quintet, The Headhunters, The Herbie Hancock Group, The Herbie Hancock Quintet, The Herbie Hancock Sextet, The Miles Davis Quintet, The V.S.O.P. Quintet, Various Artists For Children's Promise

Herbie Hancock, H Hancock, H Hancoock, H,. Hancock, H. Hancock, H. Han, H. Hanckok, H. Hancock, H. Handcock, H. Hanncock, H. Henkokas, H.H., H.Hancock, H.Herbert, H.J. Hancock, H.P., Hanckock, Hancock, Hancock Herbet, Hancock, Herbie, Hancocq, Hancok, Hankcock, Hanock, Harbie Hancock, Harby Hankok, Harvie Hancock, Hebert Hangkok, Heibie Hahcock, Helbie Hahcock, Herb Hancock, Herb Handcock, Herbcock, Herberet Hancock, Herbert Hancock, Herbert J Hancock, Herbert J. Hancock, Herbert Jeffrey "Herbie" Hancock, Herbert Jeffrey Hancock, Herbet Hancock, Herbi Hanncock, Herbie, Herbie Foster, Herbie H, Herbie Hahcock, Herbie Hanckock, Herbie Hanckok, Herbie Hancoc, Herbie Hancock (Mwandishi), Herbie Hancock Hwandishi, Herbie Hancock Mwandishi, Herbie Hancock-Mwandisi, Herbie Hancok, Herbie Handcock, Herbie Handcok, Herbie Handkock, Herbie Hankock, Herby Hancock, Hervé Hancock, J Hancock, J. Hancock, John Hancock, Mwandishi (Herbie Hancock), Mwandishi Herbie Hancock, Хърби Ханкок, ハーヴィー・ハンコック, ハービー・ハンコック

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