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"Mamacita" गीत

Belle Perez

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Mamacita cover
On the beach with all my friends
just singin' dancin'
watchin' all the chicos
walkin' by someone yelled
party here tonight
When I turned
someone was standing
there before me
he had brown skin and jet black hair
and he asked would I be here tonight

With a smile I looked straight at him
And I could feel his latin melody
When he spoke I heard the rythm
of a spanish guitar
he touched my had I felt so free
and then he said these words to me

Venga mamacita
I don't know why girl you make me high I can't lie
latina girl lookin' shy
Venga mamacita
I can't deny in your big brown eyes
I wanna die latina girl with me tonight
Venga mamacita

Party people dancin' in the heat
merenge salsa
he said Mamacita won't you groove
with me c'mon and feel this
latin breeze
and we're dancin' barefoot
in the sand sexy rumba
the waves that roll into the shore
makes him want me more and more

And all the passion that' inside him
gives our hearts just one beat
the scent of my perfume
is makin' him high
He said there's no place else he'd be
and then he said these words to me

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