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I believe I'll go back home,
I believe I'll go back home,
I believe I'll go back home,
An' acknowledge I done wrong.

When I was in my Father's house,
I was well supplied;
I made a mistake in doin' well,
An' now I'm dissatisfied.

When I was in my Father's house,
I had peace all the time;
But when I left home an' went astray,
I had to feed the swine.

When the Prodigal Son first left home,
He was feelin' happy an' gay;
But he soon found out a riotous life
Was more than he could pay.

When I was in my Father's house,
I had bread enough to spare;
But now I am naked an' hungry, too,
An' I am ashamed to go back there.

When I left home I was in royal robes,
An' sumptuously fed;
But I soon got ragged an' hungry, too,
An' come back home so sad.

When I get home I'll confess my sins,
And Father's love embrace;
I'm no more worthy to be called thy son,
I'll seek a servant's place.

When his Father saw him comin',
He met him with :I smile;
He threw his arms around him . "
Here comes my lovin' child!"

He spake unto his servants¬"
Go kill the fatted calf;
An' call my friends an' neighbours,
My son has come at last."

His oldest son got jealous,
And he began to say:
"You did more for my brother,
Who left an' went away,"

He spake unto his eldest son
¬It was with an humble mind-
"Son, you have always been with me,
An' all I have is thine."

They met together rejoicing,
I imagine it was fine;
The old man he got happy,
An' he was satisfied in mind.
song info:
सत्यापित yes
भाषा: हिन्दी
शैलीEthnic/Folk, Christian
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जोड़ाMay 21st, 2018
आखरी अपडेटMarch 6th, 2022
AboutNote; This is an excellent version of the many Negro songs about the "Prodigal Son."

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