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I stood outside thay gate;
They would not let me in-me in.
I prayed to my good Lawd,
To cleanse me from all sin-all sin.

Lord Jesus Christ, I seek to find,
Pray tell me whar He dwells-He dwells.
Oh, you go down in yonder fold
An' search among the sheep--------the sheep.

There you will find Him, I am told
He's whar He loves to be-to be.
An' if I find Him how'll I know
Round any other man-other man?

He has Salvation awn His brow,
He has a wounded han'-wounded han',
I thank you £aw yo' advice--
I'll find Him ef I can-ef I can.
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सत्यापित yes
भाषा: हिन्दी
शैलीEthnic/Folk, Christian
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जोड़ाMay 21st, 2018
आखरी अपडेटMarch 6th, 2022
AboutNOTE-This type of singing is used particularly at funerals and very solemn Occasion. It is rarely heard now. It probably has its origin in the old type of hymn· singing, used in the early church, in which the hymn was "lined" by a leader. When given with the Negro's peculiar style of chanting and sliding to and from the main melody note, it is distinctly a thing apart. The example given here is purely Negro both in tune and words, but frequently one hears a well-known hymn chanted. The entire congregation sings in unison with each line of the verse chanted by the leader.

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