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Do you see my little ploughboy ploughing on the lea?
His horses he is putting under the shade,
He whistled and he sang through the groves he passed on,
'Til at length he spied a handsome comely maid, comely maid,
'Til at length he spied a handsome comely maid.

When her old father did come for to know
Her ploughboy were ploughing on the lea,
He sent a bold press-gang and he pressed her love away
And he sent him to the war to be slain, etc.

With jacket and trousers this damsel she put on,
Two pockets were lined with gold.
She walked down the street and the pumps were on her feet
And she passed for a jolly sailor bold.

The first man she met being a jolly sailor bold,
Did you see my little ploughboy on the way?
Your ploughboy's on the deep, he's going to join the fleet,
And he said: My comely maid will you and I?

She stepped on board and he rowed her to the ship;
To the captain she made her complaint.
Our captain sighed and said: Step on shore, my comely maid,
For we're going to the wars to be slain.

She put her hands into her pocket, she took out handfuls of gold,
Five hundred bright guineas or more.
She throwed it on the deck, took her true love round the neck;
She kissed him, she brought him to the shore.

Now they're on the shore, where they've often been before,
Marriagement and joyment they'll bring.
The joy-bells did ring and the pretty birds did sing,
She got married to the young man she adored.

Curse be on the deep caused many a girl to weep,
And many to see their own true love no more.
But happy is the bride with her true love by her side;
She can see that her troubles is all o'er.
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भाषा: हिन्दी
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