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"Are You Ready" गीत


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Are You Ready cover
Pre Chorus:
Are ya ready
Are ya ready
Are ya ready for me
Are ya ready lets go

Bridge: (x2)
Keep ya body movin
Keep ya hot body grooving
Coz you've nuthin to be
Loosin keep your hands on me

1st Verse:
Pull up to the club
We don't walk just stride
We know how to sell it
All the fellas say hi
Here with all the people
That we're meeting inside
It's gonna be our night
It's gonna be our night

When I hear the dance floor
Kickin that groove
D.J's got the beat to make
Your body go ew
Everybody's checkin
As i start to move
It's gonna be our night
It's gonna be our night

If ya came to party
And ya feelin naughty
When ya shake your body
Go oh oh oh
If ya hands are dirty
And ya feelin flirty
Then take off your shirt
And go oh oh oh
As the club is shakin
And the floors vibrating
Everbody sayin oh oh oh
So if you're ready for me
Come and sing it with me
If ya feel me go oh oh oh

2nd Verse:
Sexy gummaretta shakin on by
Comin on to you
As i slither and i slide
My whole body's movin
And my hips on fire
I;ve got what you want
What you've always desired
Feelin' Sensations outta control
Can you feel the beat
As it rips your soul
Everybody's freakin
It's the weekend oh oh
It's gonna be our night
It's gonna be our night

[Pre Chorus]


[Bridge] (Repeat)
This song was submitted on May 30th, 2012 and last modified on March 5th, 2022
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