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Skye Sweetnam

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शैलीPop, Rock, Punk, Rock & Roll, Dance
AboutSkye Alexandra Sweetnam (born May 5, 1988), grew up in the tiny Toronto suburb of Bolton. Her music influences such as Gwen Stefani, Alanis Morissette, Green Day and Nirvana helped her passion for singing, to become a musician from a young age. By her early teens, she'd moved on to songwriting, and recorded a demo with the help of a local Bolton music school.

A combination of luck and marketability brought the demo to the attention of Canadian label execs, who hooked Sweetnam up with a local producer and instrumentalist named James Robertson. Together, Robertson and Sweetnam hammered out the structure for what material was going to be on her Capital Records debut album. The first single to be released, Billy S. appeared in July 2003 on the soundtrack to the movie "How to Deal" starring Mandy Moore; the song's sassy pop-alternative sound proved quite popular, making some waves in the U.S. and hitting the top spot on Canada's Disney Channel-style offering, YTV. Sweetnam supported the single with a tour of summer camps. She also began downplaying the comparisons to Avril Lavigne to whoever would listen, though the reference seemed valid based on their similar upbringing, attitude and sculpted rock-based sound.

After many setbacks from her record label, Skye finally released her debut album, Noise From The Basement on September 21, 2004 which included the first single as well as other singles like Tangled Up In Me and Number One. She performed songs from and promoted the album further as the opening tour act for Britney Spears on the Onyx Hotel Tour and Ryan Cabrera during the spring of 2004.

Her second album, Sound Soldier was released on October 30, 2007, and the lead single, Human was nominated for a 2008 MuchMusic Video Award for Best Cinematography, but lost to Hedley for their song, "She's So Sorry". For the second single, EMI picked (Let's Get Movin') Into Action, a rework of her previous single featuring Tim Armstrong. Skye herself directed two music videos for Music Is My Boyfriend and Babydoll Gone Wrong.

After leaving Capital Records in 2009, she began releasing a number of songs that were featured in her Youtube make-up tutorials like "Rock n' Roll Baby", "Love Sugar Sweet", "Heartbreak", "Boomerang", "MuSick" and "Wolves and Witches". And songs entitled "Stay", "Boomerang", "MuSick" and "Wolves and Witches" on her MySpace page.

From March 2011 to present, Sweetnam formed and is currently the frontwoman of an independent four-piece rock/metal band called Sumo Cyco. She goes by her alter-ego name, 'SEVER'.

सबसे लोकप्रिय गाने (अधिक)

Skye Sweetnam - Split Personality
Split Personality बोल
Skye Sweetnam
Skye Sweetnam - Imaginary Superstar
Imaginary Superstar बोल
Skye Sweetnam
Skye Sweetnam - Just the Way I Am ["The Buzz on Maggie" Theme Song]
Skye Sweetnam - Too Late
Too Late बोल
Skye Sweetnam
Skye Sweetnam - Hypocrite
Hypocrite बोल
Skye Sweetnam
Skye Sweetnam - Unpredictable
Unpredictable बोल
Skye Sweetnam
Skye Sweetnam - Sharada
Sharada बोल
Skye Sweetnam
Skye Sweetnam - Shot to Pieces
Shot to Pieces बोल
Skye Sweetnam
Skye Sweetnam - Wild World (Remake)
Wild World (Remake) बोल
Skye Sweetnam
Skye Sweetnam feat. Tim Armstrong - Ghosts
Ghosts बोल
Skye Sweetnam feat. Tim Armstrong

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