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"11th Hour" गीत

Wrath (US1)

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11th Hour cover
So you say the end is near
The time is come this is our year
No way! Never! Go to hell!
You've tried to speak your revelations

Rape our lives with fear
Force your views of holy passion
Your scriptures aren't so clear
I'm not the kind to stop and wonder

Where life itself will go
But let no man be put asunder
For what he doesn't know
Gather up the non-believers and

Choose the sacred souls
Ban the sinful not forgiven
With this I can't sit well
I will not buy your words of wisdom

Ignorance and greedy
When death takes names
Of foolish ones
I wish you in the lead

Clowns in the Clother telling lies
People that you'll scar within time
He said foul can't you see I'm the light
Show some respect take your life
This song was submitted on March 19th, 2018 and last modified on March 6th, 2022
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