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"Monday" Lyrics

Home Brew

When it all started I was lying in my bed,
counting all the sheep bleep! flying through my head,
snowing in my deep sleep, jumping on the stage,
rhyming to this mean beat, then I stop
then the crowd started yellin' beep beep!
Then I woke up, huh? Colder than a snowcone,
late for my job, think I'll pull a no show.
Dude on my right shoulder's like "nah, don't go",
nerd on my left's like "gotta get the dough bro".
Chur bro you're right, but I'd rather have a doze though,
"yeah but what about the bill for the home phone",
"yeah but what about the boss he's a homo, he makes you
work all day without a fuckin' smoko!"
Ahh fuck, gotta get the dough though,
tryna put my album out and I ain't signed a stone's throw,
so I guess I gotta work until I got my own show.
and watch the whole day go by

It's just that everyday (everyday)
Same old shit (same old shit)
It's that everyday (everyday)
Same old bore (same old shit)
Everyday (everyday)
Same old shit (same old shit)
It's that everyday, shit that happens to me everyday

If you could mate (what?) put these rubbish bags out on the back dock,
and grab that mop mate you missed this here black spot.
Top chap Scott (yeah, up your crack boss), what was that?
Sweet as boss! Aw great mate, anyone want to clean the (bags not!)
Lock the gate mate, here's the code for the padlock.
Flat screen plus laptop plus black hoodie equals kaching jackpot!
All I gotta do is get a car and a ski mask,
I already know where the cunt put the keycard
and there's more squid in the safe than at the seamart,
so when I'm done I could probably build a theme park.
Then get a jet plane for me and my sweetheart,
plus some o's for the bros that'll be mean ha!
Aw shit I forgot the security guard,
I guess I gotta keep workin' for this retard


Day finished and I race home, quicker than a red cross, first aid
clothes lookin' dirtier than girls at the Bird Cage,
walk through the door lookin' like I seen a mermaid,
dinner on the table for me like it was my birthday!
"Hey how was work babe?"
"Aw fuckin' awesome!"
"Oh na it was awful, I mean the sauces. Nah I was bored stiff,
had no one to talk with, but I pulled a couple mean doughies
on the forklift! but, how was your day?"
"Aw it was ok, thanks for asking, hey fill me up some OJ?"
"Aw shucks that was dope babe"
"Hey I'll wash, you dry"
"I want to do the dishes even though you cooked the food guy,
just sit down babe, chill, let the time go-"
"But what about the dishes?"
"Yeah yeah yeah they can dry though."
Then we watched some TV, had a cup of milo, and let the night go,
without me shoutin' like a psycho, and there wasn't no one givin' orders
like a manager, no one looking through my texts like,
"who's Pamela?"
I was on top of shit, like Canada.
Turn the lights off cross Monday off the calendar.

This song was submitted on January 14th, 2013 and last modified on January 24th, 2013.
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