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"Meant For Love" Dalszöveg

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No, no one lives for love
How can we go on
When no one lives for love
And though we see the world is falling down around us
Why can't we see, it's you and me
Alone, is the sun without the rain to carry on
Is the heart without the love to keep it warm
Where did we go wrong, where did we go wrong
What if this life we live, is a chance for us to give
What if dreams were made to show the way
How can we survive, when we push the love aside
Only God can save us now this night I pray
No one lives for love
Someone tell me why
No one lives for love
We must realise, that no one lives for love
When all the beauty of the world is all around us
Why can't we see it's you and me
And now, as your soul becomes the rain that's falling down
I pray, that we, we can learn to live for love the way
God has shown us, through your life his, love will find a way
Through your life, we've all learned to live for, love
song info:
Igazolt yes
Szerzői jog ©BMG Music Publishing Scandinavia
ÍróAnthony Cosmo Callea, Jörgen Kjell Elofsson
Lyrics licensed byLyricFind
Tette hozzáSeptember 22nd, 2022
Utolsó frissítésSeptember 22nd, 2022
AboutThis is the second B-side of the 2007 single "Addicted To You".

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