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Bobby Bare

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AboutReal Name: Robert Joseph Bare
Profile: American country singer/songwriter and father of Bobby Bare Jr., born April 7, 1935 in Ironton, Ohio. Country Music Hall of Fame (2013)

His son is rock and country musician Bobby Bare Jr... And his wife is Jeannie Bare.
Sites:, MySpace, Wikipedia,,
Aliases: Orville Lunsford
In Groups: Bobby And Jeannie Bare, Bobby Bare And Friends, Bobby Bare And The Family, Old Dogs
Variations: Bobby Bare, B Bare, B. Bare, B.Bare, Bare, Bear, Bobbie Bare, Bobby, Bobby Bare Sr., Bobby Bare, Sr., Bobby Bare-Williams, Bobby Barl, Bobby Bear, Bobby Dare, Boby Rare, Robert J Bare, Robert J. Bare, ボビー・ベア

In the 1950s, Bare repeatedly tried and failed to sell his songs. He finally got a record deal, with Capitol Records, and recorded a few unsuccessful rock and roll singles. Just before he was drafted into the United States Army, he wrote a song called "The All American Boy" and did a demo for his friend, Bill Parsons, to learn how to record. Instead of using Parsons' later version, the record company, Fraternity Records, decided to go with Bare's original demo. The record reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, but Fraternity erroneously credited Bill Parsons on the label. The same track, with the same billing error, peaked at No. 22 in the UK Singles Chart in April 1959. In 1965, an album of older recorded material, Tender Years (JM-6026), was released on the Hilltop label. That same year, the material was repackaged by Sears and released under the title Bobby In Song (SPS-115). These albums are not usually included in Bare's published discographies.

Bare was also given an opportunity to star in movies. He acted in a Western with Troy Donahue, A Distant Trumpet, and had a memorable scene being branded for desertion, and a few episodes of the TV series No Time for Sergeants. He turned his back on Hollywood to pursue his country career.

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Bobby Bare
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Bobby Bare

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Bobby BareBobby BareBobby BareBobby Bare

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