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"Mountain" Dalszöveg

Chocolate Starfish

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Mountain cover
There once was a wrong thought it was right
There once was a truth that thought it could lie
Then they saw they were nothing new at all
And after the storm along came the landslide
Would they climb would they swim time to decide
If I had to choose I know what I'd do

You wanted me to be a mountain
I'd rather be a river
Water flow can wash a hill away
You wanted me to fly
I want to get high
How else am I gonna see what I want to see?

I am for now you are forever
Behind the rust is buried treasure
Is it gold, is it something we can hold?

All will come and go (all will come and go)
All will come and go (like a river flow)
I always knew what I had to do
I always knew there was rust between the truth
I always knew what I had to do
This song was submitted on June 14th, 2015 and last modified on March 5th, 2022
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