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"Mink, Schmink" Dalszöveg

Eartha Kitt

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Mink, Schmink cover
A friend of mine called me up not long ago
He knew me since I was knee high to a grasshopper
But I evidently didn't give him the right answer
because he said to me:

Mink Schmink, Money Schmoney
Think your hot now don't ya honey.
What have you got if you haven't got love

Silk Schmilk, Satin Schmatin
A penthouse high in old Manhattan
That's not enough if you haven't got love

Happiness is not a thing that you can buy
It takes loving, lotsa loving, from the right guy

Pearls Schmearls, ermine Shmermen
From Jim or Jack or Joe or Herman
That's not enough if you haven't got love

Ring Schming, Jewellery Schmellery
Don't you know that's just Tom Foolery
What have you got if you haven't got love

Cars Schmars and Princes Schminces
With caviar and chicken blintzes
Don't mean a thing if you haven't got love

Love is just a simple thing that you can't buy
You can't get it wholesale darlin', why try?

Tips Schmips, Angle Schmangle
Play around and get entangled
What have you got if you haven't got, haven't got love?

I'll take the jaguar on the right
This song was submitted on April 16th, 2022 and last modified on May 9th, 2022
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Album Részletek


Writer(s): Cutner Sidney Benjamin, Shuken Leo


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