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Linnéa Handberg

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Artist info:
Más névenMiss Papaya
Igazolt yes
MűfajPop, R&B
AboutLinnéa Handberg Lund, previously known as Miss Papaya, was born on October 22 in Hillerød, Denmark. Named after the sweet and delicious tropical fruit, Miss Papaya is a Danish eurodance musician specialising in the Traditional Bubblegum dance genre. Several of her songs, including "Operator", "Hero" and "Pink Dinosaur", have appeared in the wildly popular Dance Dance Revolution video games.

Linnéa has always been interested in music, ever since she was young. It was no surprise then when, in the early 1990s, she began her career as a recording artist, signing up with record labels Maverick, Warner and Scandinavian Records. It was in 1997, when famous bubblegum group Aqua was influencing musicians with their widely popular happy dance style, that Linnéa decided to create a a bubblegum dance project, and sing music in the same happy style. Linnéa, joining forces with producers Honeycutt, called her project Miss Papaya after the sweet and exotic tropical fruit.

Surprising success
The Miss Papaya project was intended to be very tongue-in-cheek, with extremely silly lyrics, catchy hooks, and child like concepts. At first the project was just a joke, and Linnéa later admitted that "nobody expected Miss Papaya to get the success she did". In 1997, Miss Papaya released her first single "Jingle Bells". The single was a minor hit, but nothing overly encouraging. The producers decided they would release a second single, "Hero", an original dance song written by Linnéa and Honeycutt. Much to everyone's amazement, the single was a huge success, and Miss Papaya was recognised as a bubblegum dance artist, with music in the same vein as Aqua.

Debut album
Encouraged by the success of Hero, Honeycutt and Linnea began work on an album release. The result was Pink, released in 1998, at the peak of bubblegum dance production. The album contained 11 super-sugary dance tracks, and one ballad (something that all bubblegum albums seemed to need). The album was an instant success, and Miss Papaya soon became a household name throughout Denmark. In 1998, Miss Papaya's single "Hero" was released in the USA, a feat that not many bubblegum dance artists manage. The single was very successful, and attracted the interest of many fans outside of Scandinavia. Madonna, whose daughter was a big fan of Miss Papaya, invited Linnéa to America to see her child, and Madonna praised Linnéa on her music writing.

While in America, Linnéa was given a shopping spree, just in time for the new American music video for "Hero". Linnéa later admitted that the shopping spree was one of the funnest things she has ever done, and it was a lot of fun picking out brightly coloured shoes and clothes for the shoot. Two singles were released after Pink, "Supergirl" in 1998 and "Operator" in 1999, and were received with the same amount of success. However, by that time, Linnéa was beginning to tire of the bubblegum scene, moving on to more "mature" projects. In 1999, she quit the Miss Papaya Project.

Second album
She began under her real name in 2000 with an album, This Is Who I Am. The album was a success, being well received by critics. Fans proclaimed it "one of the most complete pop albums of all time". Papaya still works as a songwriter and backup singer for current artists (including Ch!pz, from the Netherlands) and still writes some bubblegum tunes, though she doesn't spread that around.

Papaya wrote many of Bambee's songs along with Honeycutt. As Bambee's third album was being planned, however, Papaya was tiring out of the bubblegum genre, and Bambee was dropped along with Miss Papaya. Papaya wrote some songs under the pseudonym Lynn including "Are You Online?" and "No Princess", for Bambee and In The Groove 2, respectively.

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