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"Soft Moon" Dalszöveg

Mariam The Believer

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4.8 / 5 (9)
Soft Moon cover
By night
No need to be afraid when those thoughts can not think you
Do your tricks, pay the dawn away
Put on lipstick, choose in who's bed to lay

Drink rain
Eat with your hands
Just remember you make the demands
You can shout, there's an ecco who will guide you
You fall and theres someone there to catch you

Catch you
Nightmares into daydreams to come true
Protected by the darkness fall through the ceiling & underneath there's a lake to dive into

The city sleeps
Then there is no need to be worried about that greed
Your in charge and can open every door
Small gets large, those with little gets more

Singing is loud, sadness is rare
Laughing with mouth open is everywhere
Every street is full of dancing feet & our eyes will not look away but meet

Underneath the soft moon we'll meet
In the night that is a blanket thats leaks of silver-threads to hang your cold hope up into the heat

It all could be the perfect outcome
Be all, even what your made from
You fall, get up and by morning stand tall
& walk through life without fearing
The now & what other people might think
So how to fill your heart up and not sink
To see, even in the daylight maybe who you are meant to be
This song was submitted on March 9th, 2018 and last modified on March 6th, 2022
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