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"Step Up" Lyrics

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[Intro : Rob-O]
A little bit, if you can get it out
I ain't gonna say it, cause I'll mess it up...go ahead then
Yeah, know what I'm sayin' InI's in the place
Here to do our thing, you know what I'm sayin' step up time
Time to claim something that's real out here know what I'm sayin'
Something that you can live for know what I'm sayin
Seize you know what I'm sayin
Time to build time to step up yo

[Verse 1: Rob-O]
I stay at the center of news, gossip and interviews
(You can't lose g)
Overstand the rules, see the style that can woo
When you witness the God of the groove
Saying the shit to smooth, to make you move
Show and prove, plus attract a lot
Yeah I'm hot like what up in your face with the product
No hesitation in a world of frustration
Cause I'm facing a grown man sport situation

[Verse 2: Grap Luva]
Check it
Each time we hit the studio we lay down laws
With no pause, we already belittled the flaws
Sheer perfection like the ultimate driver machine
We stand lean, and always literate what we mean
Brothers don't be overstanding the plans that we be havin'
Crushing all these clowns cause it's all about the mic grabbin'
I'm from the land where the righteous and the woo gress
The Vernonville will live the life that be the true test

[Hook : Pete Rock]
Step up, step up time, etc

[Verse 3: Ras Luv]
(Cella?) The prayer starts now you smell the first sparks of the flame
The gods warn me that it's not a game
So it's he, so proceed
The first seed was dropped when InI came to rock the spot
I caught the props when I flocked to the hot jams at the city
The shorties look pretty wanna join my commitee
Of rude-boy rebels, underground like the devil
But I never pray just maintain eyes daze from smoke
And thoughts about the stages getting smoked
Concentration on going for broke
You know you can't cope with the rastard with the fire in his eyes
Yo it ain't no surprise I keep it live to survive the shitstem
I can't get caught up as a victim
But if I do, I go out lickin' over the stickin'
Cause I'm 'bout fed up as a fat boy
It's time for INI to make noise

[Hook: Pete Rock]
Step up, step up time, etc

[Verse 4: Grap Luva]
So now you know there's no need to stop elevating
Penetrating the glass top
Hold on to manhood before your life
Cause some situations are bound to give strife
You won't get a harvest if you don't sow seeds
Ill-gained wealth brings stress from dirty deeds
The choices that you make will fulfill your needs
But the shit you go through will be hard to believe

Yo, the shit's ridiculous, and I should know by now
Still this particular flow gets me over somehow
From selling crils in the streets to making phat beats
You fuckin' with cheeks to make your ends meet
The wrong move spells defeat, so wisdom is shown
Things I see vs the knowledge is known
I won't apologize for seeds I've sown
It's step up time, you're on your own

[Hook: Pete Rock]
Step up, step up time, etc

[Outro: Pete Rock]
And we out INI flavor peace
Grap Luva, Rob-O, Ras, Marco Polo, InI
Grap Luva on the beat
Sure sound complete
And my name is Pete
And we out til' next week
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AddedMay 24th, 2016
Last updatedMarch 8th, 2022

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