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AboutInuyasha is a half demon. His father was a great Dog demon General who ruled the western land in Japan. He also has a brother named Sesshomaru, who is a full fledged demon. Before Inuyasha was born their father fell in love with a human woman who was Inuyasha's mother. He then died from the husband of his mother in order to protect her in labor. Inuyasha and his mother lived in a village and it was very hard for inuyasha to be excepted both by humans and even demons. Shortly after his mother died and he was left to fend for himself. He never trusted, befriended, or even loved anything. No compassion, no understanding...that is until he then met the beautiful priestess named Kikyo. Kikyo was a master archer who protected the shikon jewel. Twas a jewel humans and especially demons such as Inuyasha were after. It is said to grant any wish you desire and would consume more power. With it he would become a full fledged demon. Later he began to watch over Kikyo. As he did so he developed feelings for her. They began to plan on turning Inuyasha into a human with the shikon jewel. They planned to meet but they were decieved by a demon named Naraku. He disguised himself as both Inuyasha and Kikyo. Inuyasha terrorized the town and stole the jewel. Kikyo then with her sacred arrow pinned Inyasha to the tree of ages. Kikyo soon after perished. There he lay in dormancy for fifty years. He was freed by a girl named Kagome who over came time.

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