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"Insane Like" Testi

Insane Clown Posse

Elenco Di Riproduzione
4.4 / 5 (34)
Insane Like cover
(tapping, snoring, noises)

"Who's that tapping at my window?!!,.Ahhhh! Ughh."

Listen to the bass
Get the beat to the nation, yeah

(Violent J)
I go blank
September I grip my shank
I'm spending so sweet, to take death to the bank
The guardian angel must have fell from my shoulder
Cause day by day night by night, I'm getting colder
Demented psychopath, cause I'm a mental case
Smile when the blood squirts on my face
When I'm stabbing some fool and his gun
To me it's good as sex, so I nut
Amnesia, it's always the same
I can slide a family then forget my name
It don't matter, it comes back to me
As soon as I waste another family
Homocide victim family members cry
Those motherfuckers always catch my eye
Look them up, you know what I'm thinking about
Violent J's gonna start head shrinking
Yea, go to the house and knock on the door
Clench my fist and cold clocked the whore
Rape the bitch, and tell a nasty lie
Whip out my shank and cut her eye
I'm down about liking to use handcuffs
Cut off her titties and use them for earmuffs

Split personalities and my head keeps dancing
One like Hitler, the other Charles Manson
Homicide, Sucide, I'ma fucking wreck
Pull your spine out your back,
wrap it around your fucking neck
Butcher, I'm slicing and dicing
Cut off your head and serve it with rice and side dishes
I'm a goddamn lunatic, ounce and even can't handle me cause I'm sick boy
Fridays nights, I get a different kinda throw
Fuck women I fucking kill
I'm a racist, I like an innocent victim
If she's old and weak, then I'll stick 'em
Slither scope and dope when I reach my hand in her
I like to find out what the bitch had for dinner
It became my meal because my head is twisted
Cuts to and ass because I'm a fucking psychopath, Psychodellic
My head feels as the boss,
Just my thoughts will make you want to fall
The last I take I feel good on my brain
Cause I'm motherfucking ass bitch goddamn insane

When I was in school, I knew I was sick
When I pissed on the floor and watched the teacher slip
Now the mind of Joe Bruce has went out
I missed a robin toot and my mind is bent outta proportion
My blood is scorching, throw me a flame thrower,
and I'ma start torching
Innocent people , whoever's deranged hat full of suckers and I'm drawing names
Kids used to laugh, they'd call me names
Now I'm ringin the blood out their mother fuckin brains, spear
Bruce Lee, Rudy, Nate, and Lacy
Rip you in half cause I'm a goddamn crazy

Kill kill kill
Voices tell me to kill, kill, kill accused I'm safe cause the voices are real
Living on the shit in Zug Island, come across to Delray,
oil burn like clay
Dragged them back to my underground crawlspace
cut off the head
But I save the face and staple guts to the wall
And that's all we know when ICP is on call
This song was submitted on February 17th, 2005 and last modified on March 6th, 2022
Lyrics licensed by LyricFind.

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