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"Eroc" Lyrics

Ivan Ooze

[Verse 1]
(Bratttt) Highjack this track, how the fuck are you gonna react
When these trap fiends stream this crack, hit those veins, cardiac
Bag and tag, this Ebola contagious, Zombies surround these stages
Feeding off earthquake vibrations, enables their elevation
Uh uh uh, getting higher, bring that fire
Put them pills up in my mouth and suck my dick until I'm tired
I don't give a fuck about no ho, no no no, if she wanna go slow, no no go go
Get buck like a rodeo, till I blow, now her head be swimmin' like vertigo
And oh shit, Oh god, she keeping my cock hard
She slurping, teasing, give me a reason to not hit it raw
My tongue all up in her clitoris and I be speaking that Arabic
You fucking nothing, you celibate and I'm insane, where's my therapist
I'm chill, drop that Xanax, brains mechanics, in a panic
Eyes erratic, reaping havoc, breathing deeper, so asthmatic
Am I gonna die, I'm flying, intergalactic, feeling like 2pacs holographic
Feeling like Diddy rubbing fur fabric, this cocktail bring a whole new magic
Faded, sedated 'n' situated on earth
Deactivated reality, activated rebirth
Nor for the better or worse, just wanted to feel diverse
And stamp my feet down on this universes turf till it burst

[Verse 2]
You now fucking with the I-V-A-N double O-Z-E
R dot L dot G R I M E, who this be?
Burn this house down to debris, ain't no fancy jamboree
Place looking like the dirty film clip when Christina Aguilera had them bangin' titties
Now all my honeys with them double dee's, if you wanna fuck tonight then say please
All my fellas up in this bitch, hope you packing your jimmies
Cause we riding, she riding, she bumping, she biting that neck to neck
Ecstatic, dramatic, acrobatic you know that freaky sex
Oh I fucks with that, my brain always fluxing that
Top 10's stop through my habitat, so hot they pop my thermostat
They drop, they drop, then bring it back, I counter attack with a wack, wack, smack
Cheeks glowing red, while getting head mother fucker milking this spot light like being breast feed
And you know, I got it, ye, ye, I get it
The best to do it, rest to prove it, this that boom banging music
This that tune to fucking lose it, this that beat that I'm abusing
This that uzi fusing a new level, try fucking stepping to it
This song was submitted on May 24th, 2016.
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