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Jean-Jacques Goldman

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AboutOne of the brightest French pop stars of the 1980s, Jean-Jacques Goldman debuted as the frontman for Taï-Phong, but later went on his own and recorded the country's most popular album of 1985, Non Homologué. Born in Paris in 1951, the son of Jewish immigrants from Poland and Germany, Goldman learned piano and violin as a child, then discovered pop music (specifically, Aretha Franklin) at the age of seventeen. He attended college during the early '70s and spent time in the French Air Force as well. In 1975, he answered an advertisement from two Vietnamese brothers, Khanh Maï and Tai Sinh, to play in the group Taï-Phong (Vietnamese for "high wind"). The band released several albums during the late '70s, but Goldman left the band by the following decade.

After several years of failure, he finally found success with the 1985 single "Je Te Donne", from his album Non Homologué. The LP sold over a million copies in his native France, and was followed by the even better selling Entre Gris Clair Et Gris Foncé one year later. He continued to sell well into the early '90s, and even made several North American appearances following the release of his 1994 album Traces. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

Writing and production credits
As Jean-Jacques Goldman
Taï-Phong Taï-Phong (WEA/Warner)
Taï-Phong Windows (WEA/Warner)
Taï-Phong Last Flight (WEA/Warner)
Les Enfoirés Les Restos Du Cœur (CBS)
Catherine Ferry Quelqu'Un Quelque Part (Trema)
Johnny Hallyday Gang (Philips)
Fredericks Goldman Jones Fredericks Goldman Jones (CBS)
Rose Laurens J'Te Prêterai Jamais... (Flarenasch)
Didier Barbelivien & Félix Gray Les Amours Cassées (Zone)
Fredericks Goldman Jones Rouge (Columbia/Sony Music)
Céline Dion D'Eux (Columbia/Sony Music)
Johnny Hallyday Lorada (Mercury)
Antonella Bucci Antonella Bucci (Digitmovies Italia)
Céline Dion Falling Into You (Columbia/Sony Music)
Khaled Sahra (Barclay)
Robert Charlebois Le Chanteur Masqué (WEA/Warner)
Bart Herman De Slag Van Mijn Hart (Universal Music Group)
Céline Dion Let's Talk About Love (Columbia/Sony Music)
Florent Pagny Savoir Aimer (Mercury)
Gildas Arzel Gildas Arzel (Epic/Sony)
Patricia Kaas Dans Ma Chair (Columbia/Sony Music)
Céline Dion S'Il Suffisait D'Aimer (Columbia/Sony Music)
Florent Pagny Recréation (Mercury France/Universal)
Joe Cocker No Ordinary World (EMI/Parlophone)
Khaled Kenza (Barclay)
Marc Lavoine Septième Ciel (RCA/BMG)
Patricia Kaas Le Mot De Passe (Columbia/Sony Music)
De Palmas Marcher Dans Le Sable (Universal/Polydor)
Maxime Le Forestier L'Écho Des Étoiles (Universal/Polydor)
Yannick Noah Yannick Noah (Sony Music France)
Florent Pagny 2 (Mercury France/Universal)
France D'Amour France D'Amour (Columbia/Sony Music)
Patrick Fiori Patrick Fiori (Epic/Sony)
Céline Dion One Heart (Columbia/Sony Music)
Céline Dion 1 Fille & 4 Types (Columbia/Sony Music)
Garou Reviens (Columbia/Sony Music)
Maurane Quand L'Humain Danse... (Universal/Polydor)
Patricia Kaas Sexe Fort (Columbia/Sony Music)
Lââm Lââm (Heben)
Roch Voisine Je Te Serai Fidèle (BMG Music)
Julie Zenatti Comme Vous... (Columbia/Sony Music)
Liane Foly La Chanteuse De Bal (Warner Music France)
Lorie Attitudes (Outsider Records)
Il Divo Ancora (Sony BMG Music Entertainment)
Patrick Fiori Si On Chantait Plus Fort... (Sony BMG/RCA)
Garou Garou (Sony BMG/Columbia)
Miss Dominique Une Femme Battante (Disques Vogue/BMG)
Patrick Fiori Les Choses De La Vie (Sony BMG/Columbia)
Vox Angeli Imagine (Sony BMG/Columbia)
Adoro Für Immer Und Dich (Universal/Polydor)
Calogero L'Embellie (Mercury France/Universal)
Calogero V.O. (Mercury France/Universal)
Garou Version Intégrale (Columbia/Sony Music)
Patrick Fiori L'Instinct Masculin (Columbia/Sony Music)
Vox Angeli Irlande (Columbia/Sony Music)
Amel Bent Délit Mineur (Jive / SBME Europe)
Christophe Maé On Trace La Route (Live) (Warner Music France)
Les Prêtres Gloria (Universal France)
Matt Pokora Mise À Jour 2.0 (Capitol France)
Circus Circus (Universal/Polydor)
Les Enfoirés Le Bal Des Enfoirés (Universal France)
Les Stentors Voyage En France (Sony Music France)
Michèle Torr Chanter, C'Est Prier (Smart)
Stone & Charden Made In France (Warner Music France)
Les Enfoirés La Boîte À Musique Des Enfoirés (Columbia/Sony Music)
Zaz Recto Verso (Playon Records)
Garou Au Milieu De Ma Vie (Mercury France/Universal)
Yoann Freget Quelques Heures Avec Moi (Mercury France/Universal)
Les Enfoirés Bon Anniversaire Les Enfoirés (Columbia/Sony Music)
Patrick Fiori Choisir (Smart)
Vox Angeli Amour Et Paix (Smart)
Christophe Willem Paraît-Il ? (Jive Epic)
Hélène Segara Tout Commence Aujourd'Hui (Smart)
Les Enfoirés Sur La Route Des Enfoirés (Columbia/Sony Music)
Kids United Tout Le Bonheur Du Monde (Playon Records)
Céline Dion Encore Un Soir (Columbia/Sony Music)
Marina Kaye Explicit (Capitol France)
Patrick Fiori Promesse (Columbia/Sony Music)
Emmanuel Moire Odyssée (Mercury France/Universal)
Patrick Fiori Un Air De Famille (RCA Records)

As Sweet Memories
Émilie Bonnet J'Essaierai D'Oublier (EMI France)
Jeane Manson Mes Photos Couleur (CBS)

As O. Menor
Marc Lavoine Faux Rêveur (BMG Music)

As Sam Brewski
Philippe Lavil Y'A Plus D'Hiver (BMG/Ariola)
Patricia Kaas Je Te Dis Vous (Columbia/Sony Music)
Florent Pagny Rester Vrai (Philips)
Christophe Deschamps En L'Air (EMI France)
Roch Voisine Roch Voisine (RCA/BMG)

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