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Jessie Ware

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AboutJessie Ware (real name Jessica Lois Ware) is an English singer-songwriter, born on October 15, 1984. Currently signed to Universal/Island & PMR Records, she is known for her single "Running". She has featured on SBTRKT's recordings. On August 20, 2012, she released her debut album Devotion. In its review of her debut album, Clash called Jessie "the missing link between SBTRKT & Sade" & hailed it as "a strong and accomplished debut." Her debut studio album Devotion (2012) peaked at number five on the UK Albums Chart and produced the single "Wildest Moments". Her follow-up record, Tough Love (2014), reached number nine in the United Kingdom. Ware has sung vocals for Joker and SBTRKT, in concert and on their recordings.

Ware was born in Queen Charlotte's Hospital in Hammersmith, London, and was raised in Clapham, London. She is the daughter of Helena (née Keell), a social worker, and John Ware, a BBC Panorama reporter, who divorced when she was 10, and she is the younger sister of British actress Hannah Ware. Her mother has been a big support in starting her musical career and Ware considers her as "her hero", saying "She brought up my sister, brother and me with so much love and fun and always told me I could do anything I want." Ware's mother is Jewish and she was raised in the faith.

Ware was educated at Alleyn's School, a co-educational independent school in Dulwich in South London, followed by the University of Sussex, where she took a degree in English literature.

After her studies, Ware briefly worked as a journalist at The Jewish Chronicle, did sports journalism at The Daily Mirror and worked behind the scenes at TV company Love Productions. There, she was a colleague of Erika Leonard, otherwise known as E. L. James, the author of Fifty Shades of Grey.

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