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AboutBritish singer and Grammy winner Joe Cocker died Monday 22 of December 2014, at the age of 70, due to the effects of lung cancer.

Joe Cocker was born on May 20, 1944 in Sheffield , England. In 1964 he was a singer of blues and rock., and released 40 albums.

Joe Cocker died December 22, 2014 in Crawford, Colorado, USA

He is best known for his songs 'You Are So Beautiful' and 'With a Little Help From My Friends' .


In the eighties followed the comeback of the 'clean' Cocker. He scored his biggest hits in that decade.

In recent years he lived with his wife Pam on a remote farm in Colorado.
The farm is called the Mad Dog Ranch named after his album Mad Dogs and his nickname Mad Dog Cocker. He got that nickname in Australia after he was caught being in possession of marijuana.
He enjoyed the tranquility ; he went fishing and took long walks . Cocker was still busy with music, his latest album 'Fire it Up' dates from 2012 .

Cocker was the youngest son of a civil servant, Harold Cocker, and Madge Cocker. According to differing family stories, Cocker received his nickname of Joe either from playing a childhood game called "Cowboy Joe" or from a local window cleaner named Joe.

Cocker's main musical influences growing up were Ray Charles and Lonnie Donegan. Cocker's first experience singing in public was at age 12 when his elder brother Victor invited him on stage to sing during a gig of his skiffle group. In 1960, along with three friends, Cocker formed his first group, the Cavaliers. For the group's first performance at a youth club, they were required to pay the price of admission before entering. The Cavaliers eventually broke up after a year and Cocker left school to become an apprentice gasfitter while he pursued a career in music.

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