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Joe Dassin

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AboutJoe Dassin (real name Joseph Ira Dassin) was an American-born French singer & songwriter, born on November 5, 1938 in New York City, New York & dead on August 20, 1980 in Papeete, Tahiti. His father Jules Dassin was a film director & his mother Béatrice Launer was a violinist. His 2 sisters were Richelle & Julie. After a trip to California, his family moved to France, in Savigny-sur-Orge, Paris & Grenoble. At 18, Joe got his baccalauréat.
He went to the States to study ethnology & worked as a chauffeur & a bartender. Back to France in 1963, he signed to CBS & released his first single "Je Change Un Peu De Vent" in 1965. His first hit "Bip Bip" came out the following year. The athletic & seducing man performed covers of American songs & hits followed : "Les Dalton", "Guantanamera", "Cécilia", "L'Amérique", "Excuse Me Lady"... Joe performed at Paris' Olympia in 1969 & married Maryse.
As popular as Claude François & Dalida, Joe remained "politically correct". In 1970, his song "Les Champs-Élysées" confirmed his success in France & in 1972, he bought a house in Tahiti. After another Olympia in 1974, Joe released his most beautiful single in 1975, "L'Été Indien" : the song was an adaptation of Toto Cutugno's Italian song, written by Pierre Delanoë. This romantic 70's ballad with spoken lyrics has been very used in media.
In 1975, Joe divorced Maryse & on January 14, 1978, he married Christine Delvaux. In September 1978, their first son Jonathan was born. Despite a sportsman look, Joe had a fragile health & got a heart attack after Paris' Olympia in 1979. In March 1980, his second son Julien was born. In 1980, Joe died of a heart attack in a restaurant in Tahiti, at 41 years old. His discography, between romantic ballads & folk songs, has been loved by millions of fans.

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