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"Like the Sun" Lyrics

Judie Tzuke

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Like the Sun cover
I tried to hide from you
But I failed
I tried to lie to you
But how I failed
And even in my darkest time
You gave me light
I never knew this kinda love could feel so right
When I'm in your arms
I find myself believe it
We could be anywhere
So I can keep on dreaming

Whenever your close to me, you're like the sun
You feel like the sun
And everyday you telling me
I am the one
I am the one who makes you shine

And I know
Whenever you want me to, I'll go
And even when your not with me
I feel you there
I only have to look and see
And I'll know where
When I'm holding you
The world can stop it's turning
You're always gonna pull me through
And I won't be returning


You're like the sun
You keep me warm
You're telling me

When I'm in your arms
We can be anywhere
We can be anywhere


I am the one who makes you shine

You're like the sun
You're like the sun
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