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Kate Bush

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Kate Bush was born Catherine Bush in Bexley maternity hospital on
Wednesday July 30th.1958. She grew up in Welling Kent and attended the
nearby St. Joseph's Convent School at abbey wood. Her main creative
influences as a child came from her two brothers, John Carder Bush,(Jay);
who was a successful poet in the late sixties and Paddy Bush an
accomplished musician, who still collects and plays unusual and obscure
instruments from around the world.
By the age of 14 Kate had already written many songs including
The saxophone song and The man with the child in his eyes,(Which later
would be the second single released from the album The Kick Inside, and
reach number 5 in the UK singles chart!). Kate made demo tapes containing
60 or more songs which she sent to the main record companies through a
friend of the family Ricky Hopper. But Ricky also played one of these
tapes to his friend Dave Gilmour, (singer and guitarist with Pink Floyd.);
who was so impressed that he helped Kate record a demo tape at his home
studio, (One of the tracks recorded then is Passing through air which was
later released on the 'B' side of Army Dreamers in 1980). he later helped
Kate to record a professional demo tape at AIR studios produced by Andrew
Powell which he gave to Bob Mercer a general manager at EMI. One year
later in 1976 She was signed to EMI.
Kate's first single Wuthering Heights was released by EMI on 20th
January 1978. To be followed on the 17th of February by her brilliant
debut album, The Kick Inside. On March 7th Wuthering Heights went to
number one in the UK singles chart. In November of the same year Kate
released her second album Lionheart. Followed in April 1979 by her first
and only, (To date); tour,The Tour of Life. In September of 1980 Kate
released her third album Never for ever. On the previous two albums Kate
had used the piano has her main instrument, hence the comparisons made
between Tori Amos and Kate now. But by the release of Never for Ever
Kate had started to use the Fairlight CMI and drum machines which she had
been introduced to by Peter Gabriel. It was two years later that her
forth album The Dreaming was released. On which she had Dave Gilmour
doing backing vocals on Pull Out The Pin and Rolf Harris playing the
didgeridoo on the title track. It was three years to the release of
Kate's next album Hounds of Love side two was the 'concept' side title
The ninth wave, seven tracks related to the experiences of a woman lost
in the sea at night. The first track on side one and the first single of
the album Running up that hill was originally going to be titled A deal
with God but because it would not have got airplay in some countries
because it had the word God in the title, it was retitled. On the 10th
November 1986 The Whole Story compilation album was released, including
the new vocal version of Wuthering Heights and the single Experiment IV.
The video for which had a cast including Dawn French, Hugh Laurie, Peter
Vaughan and Richard Vernon; and if I remember rightly, was banned from
'Top of the Pops' because it might scare the kiddies!
It was 1989 when the next album, 'The Sensual World' was released on
which Dave Gilmour played guitar, Mick Karn,(Ex-Japan); played bass and
The Trio Bulgarka add vocals. One Year later a limited edition box set
This Woman's Work was released it contained all the albums up to The
sensual world, (Excluding The Whole story.); plus two additional CDs,
(CD version of course); This woman's work 1 and 2 1. featuring all the
'B' sides. 2. Remixes and other none album tracks. In addition to this
there was a glossy booklet and some stickers. Kate's most recent album to
date The Red Shoes was released in 1993. With Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton,
Prince, Lenny Henry, Nigel Kennedy and The Trio Bulgarka contributing.
Kate also did a short film to go with it which was shown in cinemas.
It is also worth mentioning that in 1994 EMI re-relased the 'Live at
the Hammersmith Odeon' Video with the concert CD included.
The above will give you some idea of Kate's history, but to find
out Who Kate is, start by reading some of the interviews and of course
listen to her work!

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