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You're all over my body
And you're just getting started
My God, you really turn me on (Turn me on)
You can't get closer to me
The vibe is running through me
And I'm not sure what's going on

'Cause baby all you need
There was this chemistry
And we can try-ay-ay
There's no turning back

You got to take me home
Cause I know where this is going
And I'm telling you if you don't stop
We'll be doing at the club (2x)

I don't know how you found me
But I want you all around me
My God, this feeling is so strong (you turn me on)
I know I'm acting crazy
You got me talking dirty
I want you even if it's wrong

And I just can't believe
The things you do to me
And I can try-ay-ay
But there's no turning back

[Chorus:] [2x]

You make me dizzy with the way that you move
(we're doin' it at the club, we're doin' it at the club)
I can't control it when I'm next to you
(we're doin' it at the club, we're doin' it at the club)

In the middle of the week, in the middle of the night
In the middle of the dance floor, making love, making love
All trough the night
(o yeah)

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AddedApril 29th, 2006
Last updatedMarch 7th, 2022
AboutWritten by Jennifer Brown, Jamie Hartman and Supa'Flyas (Rasmus Bille Bähncke and René Tromborg).

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