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Artists: Boxcar Willie
Title: No Help Wanted - v2
Album: Achy Breaky Heart
Composer: Hank Thompson

I got a gal from New Orleans
Pretty little thing you ever have seen
She got cute little walk with a hippy hop
She's big in the little and bottom at the top

[Do you need any help]
No help wanted
[Could you use a little help]
No help wanted
[Call on me if you need a little help]
[Do need a little help, do need a little help]
I can handle this job all by myself

Well I call her my little piggy wiggy
She calls me her little thingymagigy
Everytime ask her for a little kiss
I hear a little voice say,'something like this'.


When I love my baby, she's my little booger wooger
Cute as a button, sweet as sugar
I'm goin'buy her a diamond ring
We'll get married in the spring

[Chorus] Music Interlude

Well I'm gonna take her honky tonkin' tonight
We're gonna do everything up right
When the music starts to swing and sway
We gonna dance 'til the break of day


Call me Jumpin' Boxcarisle Willie
[Funny Laughter]

Transcribed by: Tony Zylstra
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